Rights regarding intellectual property

Strapa-pack Ltd. shall be the owner of this website and the entirety of its content including the content of the newsletters with all their details, pictures, textual contents, graphics and graphical contents – including logos, domain names and other intellectual properties. All intellectual property rights including literary -trademarks- and other intellectual property rights shall be exclusively owned by Strapa-pack Ltd., and these can only appear on this website with the permission of the owner.

You may not use any of these exceeding private use – considered as free use by the LXXVI/1999 copyright act –, unless you have the written consent of Strapa-pack Ltd. regarding the specific usage of such properties.



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Any information that appears on the website shall only be adapted in a written form, and only if the reference to the website (to Strapa-doboz.hu) together with the link is clearly indicated, and any information shall only be adapted in its original form.

Any content present on the Strapa-doboz.hu website or in the newsletters of Strapa-pack Ltd. shall be used freely by a private individual or economic unit for private use if the source of the information is properly indicated. The source of the information shall be indicated the following way: (company name, clickable domain): Source: Strapa-pack Ltd. https://strapa-doboz.hu

Any representation, reproduction, alteration, distribution, multiplication, storing or representation through any public media in whole, or in part, of the Website or of its content, may be licensed by Strapa-pack Ltd. in return for 20 000 HUF+ VAT license fee, which shall be paid after each day of utilization, after each item used and after each place where the content is used. The User shall indicate the intended purpose, way, extent and timeframe of usage in advance, in a written form. Failing to provide a written notification does not dispense with the obligation to pay the above-mentioned amount.

Strapa-pack Ltd. reserves the right to terminate the utilization rights. During the license period Strapa-pack Ltd. issues a license fee invoice on the last working day of the month, which should be settled within 8 working days from the issue date of the invoice.

If the User makes any content accessible for a third-party in return for valuable consideration, the User is bound to relinquish any financial advantage gained from this act and assign the right to these funds to Strapa-pack Ltd., unless the User has been expressly authorized by Strapa-pack Ltd. in form of a written agreement.



Strapa-pack Ltd. reserves all of its rights – including any rights not expressly granted herein – under these terms. Using any trademarks, slogans or any other content appearing on the website, in any other ways than stated in these terms, is strictly prohibited.

The User does not possess any license or right to use any trademarks or logos appearing on the Website.

Any unauthorized use or infringement of any trademarks or web content is strictly prohibited and is considered as violation of copyright, trademark law or other industrial property.



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